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Flash Animation Website Design

Welcome to Flash Animation Website Design. We are a client oriented state of the art company able to cater to any of your website development and internet technology needs. We take full advantage of the award winning Autodesk Maya & Pixologic ZBrush 3D software packages to create high-end graphics and 3D animation. We offer several services including website development, 3D animation, 3D modeling and graphics, 3D product demonstrational animation, 3D character animation, 3D logo animation and 2D flash animation.

We specialize in 3D demonstrational animations. We have worked with an array of clients such as doctors, dentists, contractors, inventors, fire defense specialists, and many more to show medical procedures, product installation instructions, and how products work through 3D animation. Click on "3D Animation Portfolio" or "3D Animation Portfolio (Older Work)" under the "Other Work Portfolio" to see 3D animation projects we have developed for clients.

We also develop 3D characters for static graphics or 3D animation. Fully modeled, rigged, bound, and skin smooth weighted scene ready characters to animate based on the clients requirements. Click on "3D Character Animation" or "3D Character Animation (Older Work)" under the "Other Work Portfolio" to see projects we have developed for clients.

Choose from the buttons above to view through some of our recent website development projects, our 3D animation portfolio, 3D modeling portfolio, 3D animation (Older Work), 3D character animation (Older Work), or our 2D flash animation portfolio.

Feel free to contact us by phone 818.332.0459 or email if you have any questions. For an online price quote, please use the button above to fill out a project quote form to send us a detailed description of your project, your phone number and the best time to contact you to discuss it.

We look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully working with you on your project.




Website Development
Click to view through our portfolio of a few clients recently developed
website projects.

3D Animation
Click to look at our most recent client 3D projects. Including product demo animations.

3D Modeling
Click to view our 3D modeled objects created with award winning Maya and ZBrush software packages.

3D Character Animation
Click to see our 3D character animations also developed with Maya and Zbrush software packages.

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